Everyone deserves access to the world. Let us plan a trip right for you:
At Traveling Aide, we strive to provide the best experience for every traveler who may find traveling challenging or inaccessible. It is our duty to provide a hassle-free, stress-free experience for each and every traveler. Every itinerary is custom-made depending on the level of care the traveler may need. Your Traveling Aide will provide you with care, comfort, patience throughout every step of the journey.

Our General Services include:
Trip planning including discussions with family, move in coordinators, hotels, tour guides at destination
Assistance with airport, train, cruise ship scheduling reservations, check-in and ticketing
Helping with packing (depending on time availability)
Luggage Assistance
Ground transportation + tipping
Checking in with family members and others to provide peace of mind- including photos and videochat
and of course..
Friendly Traveling Aide to provide comfort and assistance throughout trip

Needing a little more assistance?
Check out our Skilled Services

Skilled Services